Dog training tips for a well balanced dog. The psychology behind training your dog. 13:35
Professional Dog Trainer Kathy Santo reviews three basic obedience training commands—sit, lie down and stay. When and how to get started and the importance of proper nutrition to the training process are also discussed.
In the first six days the dog is learning come, place, kennel, sit, down, heel, over, Break, and to pay attention.
Teach your puppy to walk properly on a lead. This is something every puppy and adult dog must do. Teach your puppy to come when called is also important and could save their life. This video is about how to teach your puppy to walk on a lead and how to teach your puppy to come when called. 7:53
Is that excitement or anxiousness? Learn how to properly settle down an excited dog by ignoring their excited behavior and rewarding their calm behavior. What does it mean when your dog goes crazy with excitement when you walk in the front door? How to stop over excitement in dogs.
Ceasar Millan shows his method for stopping a dog from being afraid of an object. This method can also be used for other objects or situations where your dog is afraid and reacts in a fearful manor. 3:41
Richard Heinz, the Miami Dog Whisperer shows the psychology around puppy and dog fear aggression. This puppy has a true fear of human interaction. Richard, The Miami Dog Whisperer at Dog Force 1, is able to get this puppy to be touched – something that has never happened before and as a viewer you got to see it actually happen while filming the session.
How to stop a dog from barking. Sometimes starting with the basics is the best method to stop barking dogs. This video will discuss the basics of how to stop your dog from barking. See some of the other videos for other methods.
How to housebreak your puppy using the crate training method. This is one of the most effective and quickest methods of housebreaking a new puppy. Watch and learn. The Ultimate House Training Guide
Stop puppy biting tips from the Dog Deeva. This short video will show you how to effectively stop your puppy from biting or mouthing.
How to stop a puppy from mouthing. Puppy mouthing is a natural way for puppies to explore and test the new world around them. When a puppy mouths he is not biting you, he is exploring. Stop puppy biting or mouthing is a simple process that does not include hitting, yelling or scaring your new little puppy. Watch this short video for tips on how to stop puppy mouthing.
Train your puppy basics. Feeding schedule for your new puppy. How to house break your puppy.