The Miami Dog Whisperer, Richard Heinz, gives a quick method of teaching your dog to walk properly on a leash without jerking, pulling, or hurting your dog in the process. How to train your dog to walk on a leash is one of the first things you should teach your dog or puppy for a mutually happy relationship. Dog walking should be an enjoyable and bonding experience… not a battle.
Zach George gives great dog and puppy training tips. You want to be able to take your dog on a peaceful walk, but you know if you encounter another dog or person that your dog is going to go crazy and start barking! Embarrassing? Don’t sweat it! This is normal for many dogs! BUT I’ll show you how to teach them to behave acceptably in this situation! Hope it helps!
Stop food aggression. Don’t let your dog growl at you when he eats. Try this training tip to stop food aggression behavior in your dog. 3:44
First evaluate dog aggression. Seek professional help. Change the dog’s focus. Watch this video to see how expert trainer, Troy, handles an aggressive German Shepard. 4:16
World renown dog trainer, Doggy Dan, shows us how to stop a dog barking at the door. Doggy Dan is Australia’s equivalent of the Dog Whisperer. Click Here To Visit The Online Dog Trainer Site and see more free videos.
Easy ways to stop your dog from barking at visitors. This short video discusses some basic techniques to stop your dog from barking or getting overly excited when friends come over. 1:53
How to stop barking dog by redirection. Try these methods to stop your dog from barking or other behaviors you don’t like. 2:37
Recognize the type of barking. Understand what triggers the barking. Work on dog obedience training. Condition your dog. Explore dog correction methods. 6:21
Some alternative ways to stop dog barking presented by a veterinarian. Also shows different ways to relax your dog which in turn may help curb his anxiety and barking. 6:30
How to stop your dog from barking at the door is a matter of conditioning. Using clicker / marker method helps in the process. If your dog barks at the door when someone knocks or rings the doorbell, this video may help.
How to stop your dog from barking is not an easy task. Try this technique shown in this video before moving on to shock collars or other methods. Good luck in stopping your dog from barking.
Is that excitement or anxiousness? Learn how to properly settle down an excited dog by ignoring their excited behavior and rewarding their calm behavior. What does it mean when your dog goes crazy with excitement when you walk in the front door? How to stop over excitement in dogs.